Conidiation noted after 1–2 days, green after 4–5 days, eventuall

Conidiation noted after 1–2 days, green after 4–5 days, eventually 26–27F6–8, effuse, verticillium-like, on aerial hyphae in up to 4(–5) indistinctly separated, downy concentric zones, and dry and regularly tree-like in tufts eventually compacted to dense pustules of 0.5–3 mm diam, aggregating to 12 mm length, in Trichostatin A ic50 concentric zones or irregularly distributed on the plate. Conidia formed in numerous wet heads growing to 60(–90) μm diam. At 15°C conidiation in irregular, loose green 26DE4–5 tufts to 6 mm long. At 30°C growth slower than on CMD and PDA; margin with irregular outgrowths; conidiation

effuse, powdery or finely granular. Habitat: on wood and bark of deciduous trees, in Central Europe chiefly on Fagus. Distribution: Central Europe (Austria),

Eastern North America. Holotype: USA, Tennessee, Great Smoky Mts. National Park, vic. Cosby, Albright Trail, on decorticated wood, July 2005, B.E. Overton 04-04 (BPI 870964A; holotype of anamorph BPI CDK inhibitor 870964B; ex-type culture G.J.S. 04-158 = CBS 119233; not examined). Specimens examined: Austria, Kärnten, Klagenfurt Land, Obermieger, Sabuatach, MTB 9452/2, 46°35′22″ N, 14°27′03″ E, elev. 650 m, at forest edge, on twigs of Corylus avellana 2–4 cm thick, on inner bark, soc. Bisporella citrina, 14 Oct. 2006, W. Jaklitsch, W.J. 3020 (WU 29454, culture C.P.K. 2488). St. Margareten im Rosental, Sabosach, MTB 9452/3, 46°32′23″ N, 14°24′40″ E, elev. 550 m, on decorticated branches of Fagus sylvatica 1–2.5 cm thick, on wood, soc. Exidia truncata, old Neodasyscypha cerina; pulvinate, light bluish green anamorph, 25 Oct. 2004, W. Jaklitsch, W.J. 2783 (WU 29448, culture CBS 119503 = C.P.K. 1994). Same locality, on decorticated branch of Fagus sylvatica 5–6 cm thick, on wood, soc. Lophiotrema nucula, Resupinatus applicatus, rhizomorphs, Corticiaceae, a myxomycete; holomorph, 9 Jul. 2007, W. Jaklitsch,

W.J. 3117 (WU 29455). St. Margareten im Rosental, Zabrde, MTB 9452/4, 46°32′59″ N, 14°25′12″ E, elev. 565 m, on learn more partly decorticated branch of Fagus sylvatica Palmatine 1–1.5 cm thick, on wood, 29 Oct. 2005, H. Voglmayr & W. Jaklitsch, W.J. 2869 (WU 29453, culture C.P.K. 2424). Niederösterreich, Hollabrunn, Hardegg, Semmelfeld, between Niederfladnitz and Merkersdorf, MTB 7161/3, 48°48′49″ N, 15°52′43″ E, elev. 450 m, on partly corticated branch of Quercus petraea 4 cm thick, on wood and resupinate polypore, 21 Jul. 2004, H. Voglmayr & W. Jaklitsch, W.J. 2531 (WU 29446, culture CBS 119504 = C.P.K. 1614). Melk, Loosdorf, Dunkelsteiner Wald, 0.7 km south from Umbach, MTB 7758/4, 48°14′04″ N, 15°25′48″ E, elev. 370 m, on branch of Fagus sylvatica on the ground in leaf litter, on wood, 5 Oct. 2004, W. Jaklitsch, W.J. 2768 (WU 29447, culture C.P.K. 1993). Wien-Umgebung, Mauerbach, east from the cemetery, MTB 7763/1, 48°15′11″ N, 16°10′22″ E, elev. 330 m, on partly decorticated branch of Fagus sylvatica 4 cm thick, on wood, soc. young Hypoxylon rubiginosum, holomorph, 24 Sep.

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